Reminder: Your Coroplast Election Signs are "Highly Recyclable" - Core77

2022-03-12 06:37:23 By : Mr. Fancy Yunnan

Divisive politics is great for at least two industries: News media, and manufacturers of corrugated plastic election signs. As in many communities across the country, the lawns of the rural county I live in are covered with signs--big, small, sometimes in multiples--announcing support for their candidate.

With the election now…over, those signs aren't doing anyone any good--but should not be thrown in the trash. Canadian packaging company Cascades points out that corrugated plastic is "a highly recyclable plastic from the polypropylene (PP) category (code #5)." And Inteplast Group, manufacturer of brand name Coroplast, writes that "in most cases, standard Coroplast® sheets are 100% recyclable and we encourage Coroplast® sheets to be recycled. Due to the durability of Coroplast®, it can often be reused."

So what products does recycled Coroplast get turned into? Inteplast lists automobile battery cases, signal lights, battery cables, brooms, brushes, ice scrapers, oil funnels, bicycle racks, rakes, bins, pallets, sheeting and trays, while Cascades recycles the stuff into park benches, picnic tables, garbage cans and patio boards.

Alternatively, if you believe in rumors, you could hang onto your Presidential election sign for another four years; there's talk that both of the current candidates may be running against each other, again, in 2024.

It is important to note that "recyclable" and "can put in your recycling bin for picking by your local waste and recycling service" are not the same thing at all. These signs are recyclable, but you'll have to look up how and where to do so.

I’m a lapsed industrial designer. I was born in NYC and figured I’d die there, but a few years ago I abandoned New York to live on a farm in the countryside with my wife. We have six dogs.

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