Joplin businesses offer support to area law enforcement following shooting - KOAM

2022-03-12 06:37:53 By : Ms. yiyi deng

JOPLIN, Mo.–As the Joplin community recovers from yesterday’s shooting, it’s also bringing people together.

In the past twenty-four hours, the community of Joplin has been voicing its thoughts on ways to help our local law enforcement, s ome area businesses are offering ways to show support.

“We just want to do absolutely anything we can possible to help them get through this trying time,” said Maria Hodges, Head Barista at Beaten Path Coffee Co.

Joplin has always been a resilient town, and when the unthinkable hit Joplin on Tuesday, it didn’t take long for the community to step in.

“We did have the massive tragedy of the Joplin tornado. and throughout everything, we always seemed to come together and managed to come out on top. and I know that that may not be the same exact way with this, but I know that Joplin will always overcome,” Hodges said. 

The Beaten Path coffee shop is offering free food and drinks to Joplin law enforcement through the month of March, Hodges said it’s the least they can do, after Tuesday’s officer-involved shooting.

“A cup of coffee may not be a whole lot, but it can help them get through a shift. then that’s the least we can do for them.”

They aren’t the only business in Joplin extending support to law enforcement. All season’s signs and printing have been busy all night and morning getting signs ready to give out to the community, so people can show their support. 

“We’re going to print yard signs and we’re going to print the decals that right here behind me, the yard signs are the decals are for free,” said Jim Easton, Sales Manager at All Seasons Signs and Printing. 

The printing shop will also be selling shirts for ten dollars, all proceeds will go to the department. O n the shirts reads a clear message, “Lean in.”

“Watching the press conference this morning when our Mayor Stanley said, Joplin lean in, that really resounded with us. And so our designers took it and they went with it and says, lean in, hugs and prayers, love JPD,” said Easton.

Both establishments say they know someone with ties to the department, this cause hits close all around.

“Each one of us has had some connection in some way. We do have workers here that had family members that were involved there yesterday,” said Easton.

Hodges said they just wanted to offer condolences to the families of the fallen and injured officers.

“We do have some special, very special people dear to us that work at the police department. and this is extended in honor of them and of our fallen as well.”